Bo Town

I am missing Sierra Leone.  I just looked through some pictures from JCC.  I miss Sallay.  I miss her so much.  I miss the smell of Africa.  Even stupid things like Tigo and weaves.  I miss a cool Honda ride during the heat of the day.  I miss the way Pastor Ibrahim laughed when talking to Elle and I.  I miss Satu’s crazy laugh anytime someone looked at her. I miss clapping games (My My My Grandmother has a short skirt.  She don’t know what she can do.)

There are lots of things I don’t miss.  I don’t miss the frustration of life at JCC.  I don’t miss Freetown traffic. I don’t miss constantly struggling with the staff, with bedtimes, with trying to understand Rugi’s Krio.  I don’t miss being slapped in the face daily with thousands helpless situations I can’t fix.  But just because I’m not seeing them, doesn’t mean they don’t still exist.

It was harder than hell to be over there.  But I’d give anything to be back.  Life contains beauty wherever you are.  We live in one world.  Its not “here” and “there”.   I know I’m here and there is so much joy and purpose in my life right now, but I’m missing African beauty.


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