Vintage 2008

Be careful about your intentions.

More often than not, they’ll get in the way of your love.  “What are your intentions towards him?”  “I want to be really intentional with you.”  “I’m really concerned about your intentions.”  How often are these legitimate thoughts and how often are they shields we hide behind because we want to box everything in, to cover it up, to dumb it down?  To make love safe.

But when has it ever been so?  What in our world that is good is safe?  If you’re not taking a risk, what are you doing?  You never learn how to fly until you start to fall.  It will never ever be safe to love someone.  “You risk tears if you let yourself be tamed” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery).  No matter  how many precautions you take, how many safeguards you build, how many plans you make, love will always be dangerous and love will always be painful.

Thats what makes it so strong.


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