Hello Library.

Hello Library.

How are you doing?

I know.  I haven’t been around lately.  Yes.  I did promise I’d put in more of an effort to spend time with you this semester.  Of course you deserve that.  You have your quirks, you’re not perfect, but who is?  I’m happy being with you.  Sometimes its mundane.  Sometimes its just ho-hum old studying.  I know we don’t always talk, a lot of the time I just sit with you, maybe read a book.   Its our quiet connection that attracts me to you.  We don’t need words.  You’re not the most beautiful library that has ever come into my life, but don’t let that worry you.  There will be other libraries again someday.  I’ll have to move on.  My life will be going in other directions, and well, you’re so solidly planted that you can’t come with me.  Someday (it’ll feel too soon) I’ll be gone.  But others will come.  Others will come to fill my seat in your desks, to wander your bookshelves the way I always do.  And soon enough…you’ll forget about me.   But for now, for today, I have papers to write and articles to read.  I am settled into your musty bookish depths.  Wrap your arms of knowledge and learning around me.  Lets forget about tomorrow, forget about whats coming, ignore the inevitable end to our love.  This moment is all we have, Library.  Lets lose ourselves in my homework.


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