proceed with caution

i’m tired of needing to be afraid of people.  tired of having to build up a wall around myself to make sure i’m safe.  shouldn’t we as people love each other?  shouldn’t it be safe to be completely open and vulnerable?  to be truly your self.  i wish we lived in a culture where mistakes were opportunities for growth.  where you could live and learn without worrying that at your first misstep, you’d be set upon, beaten and broken.  why is it normal to take advantage?  what happened to love?

our strength is not for hurting.


One response

  1. You are so right. The best we can do is live lives that reject the cultural status quo of judgement, tearing down, and breaking each other. It seems so impossible, so far reaching, but if we can hold onto that faith that eventually, some day, love will win out, that might just be part of the solution.

    You’re my friend, and for that I love you unconditionally; I will not judge you for being who you are.

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