on my way home

it was cold today.  my ears were cold.  so were my calves. as I walked back to my apartment, there was nothing else to think, but its cold.

and it made me think about how people are cold a lot.  and not just cold for twenty minutes until they get back home.

and it made me think about getting warm.  putting on scarves, slippers, sitting in front of a fire, are all good.  but they can’t compare to warming up in someone’s arms.  being safe and warm because, at least for that moment, someone is with you.  not doing anything but being close to you.  thats all it takes.

and I know this is a stretch. the world won’t be saved by cuddling.  but more often than not, we can help someone just by being with them.  by being close to them.  in a way, the best plan to save the world is by holding her children.

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