Decisions, to Do

Dinah is sneezing.  A lot.  I wonder if she has allergies or is sick.  I need to call a vet tomorrow and ask what I can do.  She and Ingrid are still adorable, even with the sneezing.

I have the opportunity to go to Sierra Leone over winter break.  I’m trying to decide what to do.  And I need to decide quickly, because if I plan to go, visas need to be obtained, shots/medicine taken care of, and money raised.  All (especially the last) as soon as possible.

I want to do this.

But I’m scared.  Scared of being overwhelmed.  Overwhlemed  by raising the money, overwhelmed by the planning, and overwhelmed by need, poverty, and pain when I arrive.

But I need to decide so I can do something.


One response

  1. If it’s what you feel Called to do, then do it.

    As I’m preparing for my next film project, I’ve been dealing with the same struggle: there’s so much to worry about! (especially the fundraising!) That’s where faith comes in – faith that God will make it all work out, even when we can’t see the destination or all the steps between here and there. All we can do is take the first step. Then another, and so on. A journey of 1000 miles, that kind of thing. Looking at the whole journey, oh man, daunting!! Looking at step 1, hm, maybe it’s manageable after all?

    One last thought: “If God is for us, who can be against us?” If God is calling you to go on this trip, He’ll help deal with the details.

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