The Beginning of the End and New Beginnings

This is it.  I’ve taken my last tests at Truman.  My parents are on their way with a van to pick up all my stuff (of which I have WAY too much.  Simplicity.  Sigh).  I’m sticking around for one more night in the ‘ville, graduation tomorrow, and then I’m heading out.  Its a bittersweet feeling.  I’m so excited for ISU.  But for better or worse, two years in Kirksville does change a person.  I’m leaving a lot behind.  Okay.  Thats okay.

Life is constant motion.

I’ll be home for a couple of weeks, training for Cafe B, unpacking and repacking and then heading to China for five weeks.  I’m ready.  Estoy lista.  Bahaha.  I have one more meeting with Professor Minn, something about visas and swine flu.  Sigh.  Pigs always get a bad rap.  I have no idea what I’m getting into with this China trip.  We’ll find out.

Moving on.  Taking whatever comes my way.

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