I need more stamps.

Thats just a solid fact.  I have two 41 cent stamps.  Sigh.  I could put them both on one card and have 82 cents of postage.  Above and beyond.  But then thats still only one letter I could send.  Postage has become my biggest limiter in being a good pen pal.  I really should just get to the post office.

I’m stuck in this middle ground and I’m so ready to be out of it.  4 more days.  3 more tests.  1 paper.  One more event.  Graduation.  Pack up, move furniture, check out, head on to whats next.  Right now, I’m here, but I’m not.  I’m leaving. And I’m not coming back.  Half of my clothes, my books, my shoes are packed away in boxes, half are still strewn about my room, waiting to be packed to go home.  Half of my life is packed away, ready for Iowa, well more than half of my heart as well.  But so many things are still tied up (voluntary or not) back here.

I’m just ready to be in one place.


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