All kinds of mess. All kinds of good.

Finally finished my Chaucer revisions.  I’m really pleased with the ending state of my paper.  Definitely better than my first draft.  Thanks for pushing me, Dr. Harker.  Sigh.  Haha.  Only finals left.  Two essay tests, two objective tests, one short answer test, one language test, and one dance test.  All looking like they will be fairly difficult.  But I’m not going to worry about that tonight.  Tonight I’m going to clear off my bed, and curl up under the covers with a good book.  Studying can wait.  :)

We had our last official meeting for the Bible study I led this year tonight.  We wrapped up talking about the kingdom (thanks d-team).  Especially focusing on its fulfillment here and in heaven.  It was really good.  Matthew 11:28-30 was a verse I really needed to hear.  And I realized how often I overlook Colossians, but that book really has a lot of good stuff in it.  Congrats Colossians.  One of the girls in my group said maybe I write off Colossians because it sounds like Galoshes.  Could be.

Wrapped up my last week of classes by going to K’vegas La Fuentes with Elisa.  Good way to bookend the year.  Except I tried to practice my Spanish and speak with the waiters and ended up just looking like a huge idiot.  My Spanish is slipping away.  Sigh.

Life is lovely lately.  Light rain is making everything glisten and grow.  I love my life.


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