Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Again.

Please, before you start tossing around names like slob or words like mess, disgusting, and heath hazard, give me the benefit of the doubt.

Maybe I’m a scientist.  Maybe the reason my room contains 2 coffee cups with mold cultures is that I’m attempting to grow my own penicillin.  Maybe my dishes are always dirty because I’m working on a top secret government project, which is classified at the highest levels.

Maybe clothes and boxes are strewn about my room purposefully.  I may be a Feng Shui master and what appears to be mess to you, may be a pattern of books and shoes and pens, crafted to perfectly allow the unimpeded flow of energy and peace in my place of repose.

Perhaps I’m an artist, working in a breakthrough medium, creating art out of the every day, the ordinary, and the normal.  I could have a multi-million dollar contract to create a typical college room work of art for a wealthy patron.  I could be a modern day Brancacci or a Brunelleschi, working for a modern day Medici.

Or maybe this mess is just getting out of control.  Good thing I’ll be packing up and deep cleaning soon.


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