Penny for my thoughts?

I have a dangerous obsession with lip rings.  I really want one.  And I know, Mom, you’ll read this and wonder how I could do that to my beautiful face I know.  I know Grandpa would probably ask if he could pull that thing off my face and Jordan will tell me I look ridiculous.  But I can’t help it, I just like lip rings.  Sigh.  And dreadlocks.  We’ll see if either or both of those will happen this summer.  Think I could still rush Tri-Delta with dreads and a lip ring?  Bahaha.

Jacy once told me I’m not trying to be out of the box, I’m just still looking for the box that I fit in.  I’d say that is true.  But I don’t know how I feel about it.

I’m off to the TrueMen concert, “The True-sual Suspects”.

Tomorrow is our last Awaken.  We now have a rainsite so, no matter the weather, this thing is happening.  I’m really really glad.  I wasn’t ready for last week’s performance to be the last.  One more time to be blasphemous with Tanner and our son, Jesus Christ.  One more Jesus dance party.  One more experience of John 8.  One more night of acting out the things that are more real than my day to day.  The chance to physically touch Jesus shoulder and ask him about love, about creation, about faith.  One more chance to put on face paint and show the truth we’re invited to live in daily.

“So sit back, don’t get too relaxed, and watch as the curtain is pulled back on the stage of eternity.”


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