“You are beautiful in every single way”

Beauty comes from everywhere.  It has so many different faces.  Beauty transcends class, race, and culture, gender and lifestyle.  Beauty is found in all shapes and sizes.  In every color.  In every place.  In every life.  Beauty comes out of every type of background.  Every past, every present, and every future.  Beauty is suprising.  Often quiet, unassuming.  Beauty has no expectations.  It just is.  Beauty cannot be predicted.  Beauty is found in the summer.  In the days of warm weather and cool breezes.  And it is in the fall.  In the first frost that kills the last of the autumn flowers.  Sometimes beauty is harder to see, sometimes beauty is covered in pain, but if there is a heart, there is beauty.  Beauty is unusual.  But beauty is also natural.  Normal.  Gentle.  Beauty takes away your breath, and beauty gives it back again.

Life is beautiful.


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