Its Student Research Conference day here at school, aka no classes and professors wishfully thinking that some students will attend research presentations.  However, I think I’m actually going to do that today.  One of the professors speaking is apparently the leading researcher on mummified animals and will be giving her research on said topic today at 11.  Then to a day of researching and outlining the connections between Chaucer’s Prioress and her Marian tale.

Its Holy Week and I am really glad.

I got a new journal a few weeks back from Candace and so I’ve been writing in that a lot and consequently less on here.  I find I don’t have many profound thoughts or interesting stories in my day to day life at this time and a short attention span that leaves me unable to write more than a few short paragraphs at a time.  We’ll see if that changes.

Its a struggle to live in the moment.  I’m still trying to focus on now, but I’m so easily distracted by other things, other people, other situations in my life.  And put off by expectations and demands.  It would be so easy to live if we had no obligations to other people.  If we could just do what we want and to hell with the consequences.  Where is the line between being prudent and being present?


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