How am I?

My shoulder is really sore.  The left one.  The front is sore to the touch and its pretty stiff to rotate it.  I’m not really sure why.  Other than that, my body is feeling really good.  I think I’m pretty lucky to have avoided all the flu and colds and sickness going around this winter.

Pure:  genuine, unadulterated, true.
Bold:  emboldened, reckless, spirited.
These are things I desire to be.

I’m going to ISU in the fall.  I know its the easiest route.  But sometimes, I think thats okay.  Things don’t necessarily have to be difficult to be right.  And ISU will have its own set of difficulties.  But I’m excited to be there.  I’ll miss things about K’ville.  Mostly people.  But I know wherever I am is right where I should be.

I want to rediscover the old things I used to love.  Ladybug covered tree trunks.  Old books.  Instrumental music.  Wind.

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