Cranberry Chain

I don’t think we spend enough time being with each other. Emphasis on the being. We have so much to do. Friends, roommates, aquaintances, lovers. We rarely let ourselves just be with these people.
We always want to have an activity. A plan. At least something that stands as an apparent purpose for the quality time spent together. Sometimes these activities increase our interaction and sometimes they just draw us apart.
And I’m not saying its bad to do that. To have a plan. To have date times. I’m just saying, maybe we need to spend more time, not even needing to talk. Just being around the people in our lives. Just spending normal life together.
Our hearts are in who we are. So maybe we need to appreciate the beauty of getting to know each others hearts. Not feeling like we’re stuck on a time table. Like we have to get this thing worked out fast. Not worrying about “accomplishing”. Just living together.  Because that is where the heart is.
I feel like the world paints relationships as busy and active and full of expectation, but thats not what love is at all. Every kind of love. Love is active, but it is active for a purpose. It seeks. Love is never busy for the sake of being busy. It doesnt have an image to uphold. It just is.
So maybe we should just be.


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