What you want

I get blisters on my right thumb when I play guitar because I don’t use a pick.  I lost the one I had last semester and haven’t used one since.

One of my campers this summer told me that she didn’t like to close her eyes when she prayed.  I’ve found myself doing that more and more as the year goes on.

I have at least 3 journals going and I write in them all fairly frequently.

I think there is a fine line between being bold and being an idiot.  I’m never sure which side of the line I’m on.  But I prefer to dance than toe a line.

“Tiramisu:  The same velvety cocoa used in the Italian dessert tiramisu, adds richness to this choice blend of black teas. ”  My favorite new tea.   It doesn’t taste as good on the second brewing of the leaves.  One and done.

I’m trying to find a college that will let me major in holding orphans and liking music.


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