A Lantern in Her Hand…

I’m reading a book my mother strongly recommended. A Lantern in Her Hand, about the life of Abigail Mackenzie-Deal, a little girl caught up in the “move west, young man” generation, who pretends to be a famous singer on the prairie and dreams of her genteel Scottish grandmother who had beautiful long, soft white hands.

I’m currently about a fourth of the way into the story, right where Abbie is preparing to leave her family and move even further west with her husband, Will, who calls her his “Abbie-girl”.

As they are preparing to leave, the author writes:

“Will’s eyes, full of the light of hope and courage, looked to the west. But Abbie’s, tear-misted, clung to the east.”

I love the imagery and emotion of these sentences. I guess that’s why I am an English major.


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