I’ve been questioning spectrums lately.  I think we all desire things in our lives to fall into an either/or category.  A direct black or white .  But things rarely, if ever, do.  Its part of what makes life beautiful.  What lies in between black and white isnt a washed out grey.  In between the black and white are all the colors.

But its hard to desire that.  Its hard to let go of our proverbial pendulum and let it swing, because then we aren’t in control and it shows.  We don’t know what will happen or who could be affected.  Trust is hard in a broken world full of broken people.   Sometimes we’d rather just close the door on it and pretend that the extremes are enough to get us through the day.  That black and white are enough to color our world.

But beauty comes through brokenness.  It is only when white light breaks that you see color.  When you fall away from the extremes and embrace the recklessness of living in between that you find how much life has to offer.  Its difficult and its painful, but what if it is worth it?

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