My Soapbox

Adopt a dog.  From a shelter.  Please don’t go buy one from a store or a breeder.

There are so many dogs living in shelters.  And while the shelters do the best they can, they are non-profit organizations that don’t have much money to spread around.  The animals live in conditions that could use a drastic change.  A change like moving from a shelter to your home!

Also, consider adopting an older dog.  Even better, adopt a large breed.  Large breed, full grown dogs stay in shelters much longer than puppies or lap dogs.  But they are equally lovable.  Some even more so.  Its like a cute little dog on steroids minus the annoying yip.  Win-win all the way around.

October was the national Adopt a Shelter Dog month, but I assure you, its still okay to do it now.  So take a look around your house, does it seem like you have enough room for a dog?  If not, take a look around other people’s houses!  Encourage everyone you know to go get a dog from your local Rescue League or Humane Society.

And at the risk of stealing Bob Barker’s signature sign off, don’t forget to have your pets spayed or neutered.


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