Want authentic?

I’ve been asked a lot lately to be broken.  To let God break me.  To be vulnerable and share the ways I am broken.  Well, honestly?  I’m tired of being broken.  Is it okay for me to want to feel whole?  I understand sharing our brokeness is a part of authentic community, but I feel as if you can always find brokenness if you look for it.  Brokenness will always be there.  In our world, there will always be hurt and there will always be emptiness and brokenness.  But I don’t want to look at that.  I want to focus on the ways God is making me whole.  On the joy that can be found in life.  Not on the ways I am weak but on the ways Christ is strong.  I know that I’m weak, but the Bible says Jesus’ power is made perfect in weakness.  I don’t desire to see my weakness, I desire to see his strength.  I know I’m nothing without him.  But I’m not without him.  Thats the thing.


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