jesus jumped in puddles…or at least walked on them.

I played some killer ‘extreme spoons’ tonight.  my toe still hurts.  nate and i cheated.  that really gives you an advantage.

then we went to red barn park to play capture the flag.  because its been raining for 75% of the past three weeks, it was significantly wet.  Essentially it ended up as a playing in the mud fest.  i discovered most games (reindeer wrestling, shake the bacon, and duck duck goose, for example)  are a whole lot more fun in a giant 8 inch deep puddle.

today was absolutely gorgeous.  it was warm and yet constantly raining.  not a huge downpour or a storm, just constant rain.  i spent a significant amount of time in it.  today, i’ve been soaked and muddy.  i’ve been a mess.  and its a beautiful thing.

life can be a beautiful mess.  a lot of the time it doesn’t make sense. sometimes, i think you just have to let yourself get drenched, get muddy, be a mess.  get covered.  dive in completely.  hold nothing back.  don’t be held back.  don’t worry, don’t think.  just be.  and glory in it.

the moments will come when you get cleaned up.  when you dry off.  when you sit in front of a fire, sipping brandy in a cocktail dress, and that will be great too.  but for now, if there is a mud puddle in your path, be muddy.

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