i need to soak my ear in salt water.  it hurts a bit. and by a bit, i mean that when i touch it, my heart breaks a little bit inside.  thats an exaggeration, but there you go.

i’m packing up all my random crap to move back down to missouri.  i obviously need to simplify my life.  however, i’m taking a book shelf with me to college this year.  thats really exciting.

i couldn’t remember for a long time what the fifth class is that i would be taking this fall.  so i looked up my schedule.  its statistics.  just when i thought i was done with math…

i talked with heidi on the phone today. i can’t even put into words how much i miss that girl or how fabulous it is to be friends with her.

i’m seeing candace tomorrow.  its going to be sketchboardgames.  and by sketchboardgames, i mean amazing.

i need to figure out what is going on friday.  time to get on the phone.

someday i’ll write something meaningful and deep in here again, but not now.

my eight year old cousin mentioned today that he would like to go bungee jumping.  so i took him out a window on to our roof and we walked around.  then my eleven year old cousin joined and we reenacted karate kid.


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