i’m wearing a shirt i found in RC 2.  i found it on a chair and no one knew to whom it belonged, so i straight up janked it.  and i love it.  its an extra large riverside t-shirt that someone cut and sewed smaller.  if it belongs to you, sorry.  i’ll buy you a new t-shirt.

i’m going to go wash my hair soon.  its 11:45 at night, however, which means i’ll have to spend a long time blow drying my hair so i can re-wax my dreads and not go to bed with moldy, wet hair.  yum.  i write blogs about washing my hair a LOT.  sketchblogs.

i played ladder golf today three times.  i lost everytime.  but each time, it was close.  thats a step in the right direction.  also, this evening my family played a game of pick-up wiffle ball on an old school baseball diamond in the middle of my town.  it felt like something i should do more often.  a couple kids rode by on their bikes and joined in the game.  i enjoyed it immensely.

i smoked hookah for the first time last night.  i enjoyed it.  and the environment.  i don’t think it will be a one time experience.  next time, i’m trying lemon rose hookah.  for my own future reference.

both of my traguses…tragi…are pierced now.  i like being symmetrical again.  i’m trying to hold myself back from impulse ear piercings. but i might end up with a couple more before i’m done.  we’ll see.  i don’t need to be too b.a..

i’m going to the state fair tomorrow.  pumped.

i’m missing camp right now.  i miss the people.  i miss the peace.  i’m happy where i am.  i’m enjoying life very much right now.  its an odd combination of moods.  and i’m okay with that.

i have a bruise on the side of my leg still.  i’m not sure of its origins.  oh well.  i need to go hang up my laundry now.

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  1. i like you. how was moving out from Riverside? when did you leave?
    i packed and left sunday afternoon. it was weird. are you using antibacterial soap on your piercing. i saw alexander yesterday at walmart. he pierced his lip, like rachel greenlee’s.

    i bought a candle that has a bug in it. it’s funny.

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